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I’m Lucien MacMillian, 23 year old MFA: Nonfiction student at an undisclosed location.

I am frustrated by pretension and obsessed with finding the truth. I hate the fact that I live in a world where people claim that everything is subjective. I hate being in a nonfiction writing program where people believe it’s okay to lie as long as it sounds good.

My honesty gets me in trouble more often than not. I like to say what I think, and what I think is often angry. I can’t help it – I see too much wrong with the world to keep my mouth shut. I know that I’m wrong myself, but I don’t see any reason to hide how I feel. Enough people do that already.

I’m a writer who has no time to write. I can’t get what I’ve written get published because I don’t have the time to find a publisher. I think I should have gone and become an engineer or an artist. I know I’m going to fail but I keep walking anyway.

The blog is called “Counting Airplanes” because I am a bit of an aviation geek. It is also a reference to the Train song which is somewhat embarrassing because I mean what a band to title your blog after, right? Sheesh. How aughties teenager of me.



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