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Flash fiction? July 23, 2010

Posted by Conventioneering in Fiction.
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I write flash fiction sometimes. Sometimes I make the poor mistake of thinking that this is a good idea to ask my tweeps about prompts.

Ergo, here is the prompt @generaltechno gave me, and here is my fairly terrible and overwrought purple response.

Ye Prompt:

Giant killer manatees and the inspired photographic wasp.

He did not flutter.

Fluttering was for those ponces at the botanics department. Hzzt acted with point and purpose. Hzzt did not flutter.

He buzzed.

At present, he carried a small and precious device between his forelegs – indeed, his lifeblood, the very center of his existence. It was a tiny lens, and this, this here, would win him the great Paper Prize of his people.

Valiently, he dove towards the waters. This time, yes, this time he would pierce the membrane! This time he would understand the truth behind the thick veil of the great waters, and with his little lens he would record it all!

Carefully, he landed on a floating bit of leaf, the only safe place before the toxic expanse before him. He prepared to place the delicate device under the thick rubbery membrane of the water…

Only to have his thoughts interrupted as something decided it wanted to snack on the thing he was standing on.

That was horrible. I apologize to everyone.



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