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Write every day no exceptions – this plane flight sucks June 22, 2010

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I just had the worst airplane flight ever.

Realize that I normally love air travel. I endure security, despite increasingly ridiculous security regulations. I don’t mind sitting in coach, so long as I can get some view of a window. By the wings is best, so I can watch the plane actually work.

Today? Today!? Good freaking god.

First, my mom and I got to the check in counter for Air Tran, only to find that there was a huge line. We weren’t that worried, because we had only brought carry on items, and figured we could skip to the electronic check-in.

Except the electronic check-in had a huge line.

Okay, no problem, we figure. We’re patient people. We’re good at line-waiting. We are veterans of Disney. We get to the kiosk, and then… our confirmation number doesn’t work.

Still. No problem. We can deal with this. We try to get the attention of the woman behind the desk.

She throws up her hands, says, “I can’t deal with this”, and leaves.

Just leaves.

I’m staring at this in disbelief while my mother tries to get the attention of the other woman, who is too busy checking in the first-class passengers – one of whom needs a wheelchair and is thus taking even more time. It takes nearly twenty minutes to get this damn woman’s attention before she finally freaking checks us in.

Man, we say. Thank goodness we’re through with that nightmare! Surely we’ll be okay now.

Of course, the security line wraps around half the terminal.

We weather this. We endure. Though we are exhausted (especially me, since I had a late shift the night before and had to get up at five thirty to catch this flight) we go on. We’re both starving and we’re hoping to grab some food before getting on the plane.

It is, naturally, boarding when we get there.

We manage to grab some pretzels, and I think to myself surely, surely things will be okay. I’m in an A seat, that means I’ll have a nice relaxing flight with a nice window seat.

Well, I would have a window seat, except that I’m in the last seat on the plane, and therefore my view is blocked by the engine.

The jet engine. You know. The huge loud thing.

In the immortal words of the Internet, “FML”.



1. Patrick - June 22, 2010

Hope that desk clerk got fired.

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