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Write every day no exceptions – Dreams June 16, 2010

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I’m running out of steam and topic ideas, as evidenced by yesterday’s failure. Someone, anyone, please, give me prompts.

And now, today’s essay.

I have recurring dreams a lot. Recurring places, recurring themes, recurring images. My dreams are often sunlight soaked and verdant, involving glorious green cities with winding back alleys, vast canyons and ancient ruins, wide rivers and humid air.

Recently, I’ve been dreaming that I’m a Professor of English at the Potomac University in some alternate dream version of Washington DC. For some reason, in this version the Potomac flows alongside a huge cliff, and the city itself is… it’s different. Hard to describe how. The University is where Roosevelt Island should be and they have a partnership with the Smithsonian Institution where the students can use all their resources.

I live in an apartment on campus, as all young graduate student professors do. My room is spare and small, but it’s painted pleasantly green and I have nice curtains and a great view of the river. It is always sunny. It never rains, and it is never cold. The air seems full of liquid sunlight every morning when I wake up in comfortable pajamas. I eat breakfast alone in a dining hall where all my meals are provided because I get up before the other professors and students. My students are all eager to learn and we spend the afternoons outside on lush lawns talking about Shakespeare, often with guest speakers from the Folger Library, and at night there are fireflies that dance along the banks of the river.

When I go to sleep, it’s morning at the Potomac University. I start my routine.

I’m always loathe to wake up. It’s such a beautiful, pleasant, perfect dream, a calm and peaceful life where I’m secure and taken care of and perfectly happy. I only wish my friends sometimes appeared in those dreams.



1. RIUM+ - June 16, 2010


If it were all up to you, what would you change in your life/the museum/humanity?

What item do you think should be at your museum that isn’t?

Should historical artefacts belong in the museums of the countries they come from, or should they be all gathered together to create uber-museums (eg. taking important Egyptian artefacts out of Egypt or keeping them within the same country)?

Jensen - June 17, 2010

I can’t write about the museum in that way, unfortunately.

2. RIUM+ - June 17, 2010

Ah.. I was trying to think up some questions that might be on-topic for you. Guess I failed! 😛

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